Zulu Beta 2.X Comments


I am running Zulu 2.0.2 Beta, and did not see anywhere to upload comments on the software. As it is in Beta, I thought I would offer some feedback. I am using the OS X Mac Client.

  1. Purchase of the module, activation on the server, and ease of instruction was wonderful. Could not ask for easier setup. Instructions right on the dot. Thank you. :smile:

  2. Installing on the Mac was easy, however, Sangoma is not recognized as a registered developer, and I needed to relax the installation barriers on my laptop. Not earth shattering, but the Noobie out there may have concerns, or be prevented, if IT locks down their machine.

  3. I love how when I call my extension now, I get a little message with Caller ID on. Works well!

  1. I noticed a new ICON in my Title Bar, giving options to control the program. Found it after searching the large keypad screen, and not finding any way to control the configuration within the keypad.

  2. Speaking of the Keypad, it is large. Very large. About the same size as a rifle target from 50 yards. Yes, I checked the scale. Anyway, can we find a way to reduce that screen footprint? I understand some users may need that large screen, but that is a lot of screen real estate.

  3. I would love to see a mini-mode, maybe the size of a deck of cards, and the ability to change the opacity, so it is translucent like my other applications can be.

  4. Any chance of bringing down the contacts stored in the PBX? Prefer the Phone App Contacts so it looks just like the list generated on my phone.

  5. Hovering my mouse around the status corner (lower left) switching from available to away to other states is quirky. Sometimes the window that grows seems to evade my ability to change state easily.

==> I like it, and glad we purchased it.




Open features and bug reports at issues.freepbx.org under Zulu project.

This one I addressed here:

Also I find that the volume when pressing digits on the keypad is too loud and should be adjustable.