Zulu - Audio drops and other side can't hear me

Zulu: v3.2.1+14
PBX: v14.0.5.25

When I make or receive calls using the Zulu softphone, sometimes the call audio will drop down to one sided. The person on the other end, outside our organization, can no longer hear me, yet I can still hear them.

I just tried testing it to reproduce it while I watched the console (asterisk -r) and a packet capture (tshark -i eth0 port 5060 [also watched 8002] and host x.x.x.x), but the call lasted 10 minutes with no problem. I tested another time, and the audio dropped after 4 minutes – I didn’t notice anything related in the console, tshark, or CDR Call Reports. I performed the same test again, and I went over 10 minutes with no issues.

What direction should I go in troubleshooting this? Is this potentially an issue with our carrier?

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