Zulu app crashes on successful authentication

My Zulu app on Android crashes a soon as the authentication is completed, the last thing I see in the status display before the crash is “getting config”. I have sent the feedback over the build-in function from Android. What else can I do to further debug this?
I got this LOG from my App

however I had to enable airplane mode in order to export the log without the app crashing, so some messages in the log might be related to this

I have the issue in my Sony F5321 and also on my xiaomi Mi Pad 4.
App Version is 1.0.239 and I don’t have the issue with a wrong password, then the App stays “Authenticating”

Sorry this issue only occured because I was in device and user mode. My extension was a virtual extension, but I think this column was not visible in device and user mode…
I have switched back to extension mode. now it works