Zulu and UCP denying logins

Good afternoon…

Starting a few days ago, Zulu started whining about Invalid Credentials (ones that have been stored in the config for over a month). At first I assumed it had to do with an updated that it was requesting, but then I realized I actually can’t log into the UCP - it states my credentials are bad, even though they’re not. I’ve reset them several times, to no avail.

When you edit the password by actually editing the user properties, it pretends to make the change, but doesn’t. When you simply hit the key button to reset just the password for the user, submitting the new password issues a WHOOPS error (below)…

Undefined index: cid

The issue seems to be tied to Zulu ( and/or UCP ( I’ve tried both the stable releases of these and the Edge releases - neither corrected the issue.

I do know that the credentials are indeed invalid, as the Zulu log says as much, and after a few attempts the firewall blocks traffic from the “offending” IP. It’s almost as if the existing credentials can’t be accessed (to be validated) and editing them isn’t able to write them into wherever it writes them…



OK, through some poking around, I just figured this out. My goal was to disable UCP users from seeing system-wide extensions, so I disabled the directory. That apparently also disabled their ability to login.

What was odd was, enabling the directory again didn’t fix it - I had to reboot after that. I’m sure I could have also bounced a service or module too, but it seems to me if you’re going to enable/disable a directory, it should do the necessary back-end work to make it take effect immediately.

Whoops error still occurs when editing password from main user list in User Management.

It already does this. Something else was wrong before your rebooted.