Zulu and Terminal Server


Has anyone tried Zulu on Terminal Server ?
How is the audio quality ?

Gr. Bart.

You mean the audio quality over RDP?

Yes, that is what I mean.

We tried BRIA but the audio was terrible over RDP.
I hope ZULU uses another way of audio handling.

Gr. Bart.

It doesn’t depend on Zulu or Bria, it depends on your RDP connection. We always suggest installing the softphone on the local machine, but we have techs who have used Bria over RDP.

One of my colleagues worked last week for one day with Bria over ScreenConnect. No audio issues at all.

Again, it boils down to the connection, not the application you use.

I saw this topic and thought it was 13 years not 13 hours.

Wow has it been that long?..

I have used bria, on an Dell T110, running server 2008, Remote Desktop Services (formerly Terminal Server).

The freepbx box was also onsite running on a celeron nuc.
Mikrotik queues. Like really basic queues.

It worked as a novelty but you could sustain a 5 minute conversation and then need to hang up because its annoyingly laggy. But the hardware I was using was very old to begin with. The internet connection was good for the middle of nowhere, but I wouldn’t compare it in the same class as jacking into ciena.

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