Zulu and security

I just wanted to get an advice on the proper security configurations when using Zulu UC + mobile.

Our PBXs are on a private LAN behind a NAT firewall.
FreePBX firewall is not enabled.

Now for Zulu to work, I have to port forward port 8002 and 8089 to my PBX and have it open to the internet to allow for roaming clients to get in.
So far so good.
What are the security implications of doing that, can I expect hacking attempts like I would over 5060 port if it was open?
What damage can be done through open ports 8002 and 8089?
Must I enable Freepbx responsive firewall?

You should only forward 8002 for Zulu 3

What are the security implications of having port 8002 open to the public internet, how likely is it that I will see hacking attempts or anything else undesirable on that port?
Must I run responsive firewall?

It would be hard to hack but anything can be hacked that’s on the internet.

If you have an advanced firewall, you can limit GEO access.

I hope the PBX firewall will offer that feature one day.

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