Zulu and letsencrypt

My rabbit trail is as follows,

I had a cus ask about working from home…
…oh xlite is now payware…
…zulu then $200 for 20 but 2 free…
register for zulu. = dead server trunks!!!
fine register domain
add firewall exception to server, to router.
test and I can access port 80 to server.
timeout to letsencrypt…try again, and again,… timeouts…
oh the server needs to be on the internet with no firewall to have this work. Hum not in the guild…
ok open to the world and i can access my full server from my cell phone. wide open.
nope time out from letsencrypt… one last check and try again… to many attempts!!!
oh I have to wait a week to find out it dosn’t work again!!
ok uninstall zulu… not so fast right uninstall crm then uninstall zulu…

dead rabbit…

So in preparation for the rabbit hunt next week, what is the trick to getting the letsencrypt per the guild??

Search the forum for recent threads on Let’s Encrypt. In short, lower the firewall for it.

right, freepbx firewall disable
ip put on the dmz

no worky worky :frowning:

Is there some command that needs to be ran to make this happen other than disabling the firewall?

Just go through the steps again. There is no “trick.” Obviously it’s been a frustrating experience but it was probably a subtle misstep. Try on a test server if you can? Also when you access the server from your cell phone, you are using the dns name, right?

yes, dns lookup works fine. I shall do a clean install again and run it again. I can make a new dns name for that since i can have 10 names per ip. I don’t have the time till later this week and cus will just have to shelter in place.

Don’t forget to update your modules. There have been changes in the certificate manager modules over the last months.

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