Zulu 3 UC not receiving calls on Win Desktop Client

I’m running Zulu Stable, and using Zulu 3 UC Windows client on Win10 to connect. I can verifiy extension by *65 and also Echo Test *43. Make internal and external calls, but when an internal call is placed, the desk phone will only ring and the soft phone will not. Also if the desk phone is disconnected, there is no incoming ring tone to the Softphone.

This is a system that I didn’t deploy but got roped in to doing some maintenance on.

Needing to get an internal user softphone access with Zulu by the end of the week as they are moving out of state but need to stay connected since they will work remotely.

Can provide anything that is needed. Any and All help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks kindly in advance!

There are only about 1500 things that this could be. (*OK, maybe not 1500, but you get the idea).

Just like the guy from 2 years and about 50 updates ago, we will need log snippets to see which problem you are having. The range runs from chan_sip/PJ-SIP differences to misconfigured extension settings to incompatible options on the phones.

Without a lot more information, there’s no way anyone here can effectively help you.

Let me know what info you’d need and I’ll be more than happy to post it.

  • How are the extensions configured?
  • Are they connecting to Chan-SIP or PJ-SIP?
  • Did you inherit the entire problem or is some of this yours?
  • Does the softphone work?
  • Did you know that setting up a softphone for external connections is almost nothing like setting it up internally?
  • Do you have a firewall set up in your external network?
  • Is the integrated firewall working?
  • How are you registering your extensions?
  • Do you have log snippets of the phone registering?
  • Do you have snippets of the logs when the phone is ringing?
  • Do you know which logs to look in?
  • Have you tried a SIP TRACE to get the interaction between the phones and the PBX?

The answers to those will get us in the road to the next set of questions.

Currently encountering this issue. Were you able to resolve this? If so, how? I’m having the exact symptoms you are but am unable to pin down where the issue is.

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