Zulu 3 - Error Fetching Contacts

We did the server module update from Zulu 2 -> Zulu 3 on a Freepbx box.

I tried running the Zulu 3 client on my Linux Mint 18.3 and at the top is a red bar saying “Error Fetching Contacts”. The contacts module should work since we use it in the UCP all of the time and it is setup for this user. Has anyone else had this problem and found a solution?

It has nothing to do with the contacts module and will be fixed in the client shortly.

Are you using Alpha or Stable client version?

Latest stable. 3.1.0.

I did download and try 3.2.0 alpha but it had the same thing.

Did you mean to reply to me? It will be fixed in the client shortly. It is not available to the public.

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Technically both but its hard to do on these forums. Thanks for the info!

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