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Zulu 3 Could not connect to server

(Doug Kuhns) #1

I had zulu 3 installed on a windows 7pro pc, but now when I open it and try it sign in, It says Could not connect to server. What is going on? Zulu extension in chrome shows connected. I click remove account and try to sign in again with same result. I tried a different user and get same result. How do I troubleshoot this?

(TheJames) #2

Please open a commercial support ticket at


Maybe this?

(Doug Kuhns) #4

Running a zyxel 310 router. Watched the logs and the traffic from that computer was forwarding to the pbx. I should note that zulu is working fine on at least 4 other computers on the network.


It was werid because the server showed me connected, the traffic showed me connected, it was just the desktop saying I was not. We turned SOPHOS off, then opened Zulu, then closed, turned SOPHOS on, then opened again and it was still working.

Like a permission thing just on the desktop, just that desktop.

(Doug Kuhns) #6

I tried installing on different user with same result, so I installed the alpha version on that user and that worked! Installed alpha version on the main user and I’m able to sign in now.


@ozarktech - do incoming calls work for you?

3.0.3alpha1 also fixed whatever the sign in issue was with us, but now it seems Zulu does not pick up on incoming calls. We’ve decided to go back to Zulu 2 for now since we really don’t want to run an alpha of anything in prod, and it seems there are still some bugs to work through.

(Doug Kuhns) #8

I did not test that part of it. This is for a customer and I wasn’t onsite. They mainly wanted it for making calls, not receiving them. I hope they get the bugs worked out soon. I don’t want’ to run beta, let alone alpha in production.

(Andrew Nagy) #9

Any issues you are having should be reported to a support ticket so we can work through the bugs. They aren’t bugs if we don’t know about them.