[zulu 3] cannot connect


I’ve followed all instruction on how to install Zulu found in this URL: https://wiki.freepbx.org/display/ZU/Zulu+3+Server+Installation

But even though I did not get any errors during install I cannot connect to Zulu.
On the client for iOS for example I get:
onError - The operation couldnt be completed. Connection refused
NetConnectivity - checkPBXConnections - Account must be”

I’m using the same username ([email protected]) as well as password of UCP to login.

Am I doing anything wrong?

I’m using FreePBX 14, Asterisk 16, SNG7 distro. A certificate issued by Let’s Encrypt.
Even though I’ve bought the Zulu license it still shows me in the Module Admin if I want to buy it.


Did you refresh your Activation to pull your newly purchased license?

Username is just the EXT, if thats what you used.
You don’t add the @my.pbx.host

The wiki says otherwise

To login use the following information:

User: Username used to login to UCP @ Fully Qualified Domain of the PBX. This must be a valid FQDN that is also used with your SSL certificate that you have enabled on your PBX as Zulu only communicates across SSL for security and requires a valid certificate not a self signed certificate.

Which brings me to ask OP if the LE cert is issued to my.pbx.host?

Also, are the necessary ports open?

iOS would be iPhone, no?

"If this is the first time you are logging in, on launch the application will present you with a form to fill in for your account information.

Enter a name for this connection, as we allow multiple profiles to connect to multiple Zulu Servers.

Next Enter your Username you use to login to UCP

After than enter your password you use to login to UCP

And finally enter the Fully Qualified Domain Name of your server which you will be connecting to that matches the FQDN used with your SSL certificate you setup on your PBX.

If you made any modification to the port which Zulu Server is running on, you may edit the port here as well.

When finished click the “Add” button."

Sorry, you are right. I missed the iOS line. Apologies.

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