ZULU 3 - Call Center Agents


Our team is very excited about the prospect of Zulu and the power that it brings. One miss for us on the current version is that there is no call controls for queue agents. It would be fantastic if there was some way for them to sign in and pause via the ZULU softphone.

Does ZULU 3 accommodate agent buttons? Some sort of AMI/ARI interface that lets them control endpoint state. I know you can make speed dials, but agents are often on back to back calls, so there isn’t a way for them to use the speed dial discreetly.

Thanks for any insights!

It does not at this time

Please open a feature request at issues.freepbx.org under the Zulu project. We are pushing out GA of Zulu 3,0 today after over a year of work and now planning our upcoming releases for 3.X

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FYI for anyone else interested in following or supporting this:

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