Zulu 25 year licenses no longer available?

Do you no longer have Zulu 25 year licenses available?

No we stopped offering them awhile ago. Zulu has way to much development cost and road map plans to offer it as 1 time cost and yet keep investing in it for all the features users want especially with mobile now.

That’s a pity.
We have several HA installs with 200-250 users that we wanted to get Zulu for, but $4k a year just for Zulu alone would probably be too much for them.

You should at least think about offering a few more discounts increments between the 20 user and the 1000 user license for the medium size installs.

We are looking at different package sizes but simply look at things like Bria which is just a softphone mainly and the cost is much higher than us at 10.00 a user per year.

Bria is not a competitive product at all except for very small installs.
For midsize HA installs $4k a year on Zulu alone + HA and other commercial modules, that is too much.
At least it would be for our clients I am sure.
They would have been fine with the yearly maintenance on the 25 yr Zulu.
Just my feedback.

Ok well we can’t afford to live off of maint only that we all know a small % actually pay the maint. It can’t fund the development of something this complex and keep it moving forward.

On this subject, why only 20 user packs?

Why can I not just buy 46 users (or 8, or 15, or whatever) at $10/user/year?

The main reason is financially. We can’t offer support on something that a person pays 10.00 a year for a single user. 200 is hard enough but it was a balance between what oroductanagement wanted which was min of 500 and us pushing back for something more reasonable. And before you ask why not just have something like a 5 user min or 20 user min and after that you can buy single users it comes into business logic of the portal and all the license back end we have that can’t support that without major investment of development resources.


@avayax if you log into the Sangoma Portal and take a look at the pricing for PBXact Software installs you will see that even with annual support your initial setup for PBXact (with Zulu and HA) would be under $4k USD per node for 250 users. I suspect if you are purchasing HA, and several commercial modules that PBXact pricing should be really attractive to you. I would be glad to have one of our account managers in your region review this with you. Our partner program may be a good fit for you as well, as this would significantly discount your pricel.

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I will definitely look at PBXact.

After converting to PBXact, do I still have root access to the machine and can do everything that I am used to?
Install things like fop2, have a few extra cron jobs here and there, etc?

Yes you still have root access, and of course if your installation of un-certified third party apps breaks things then officially you would be on your own.

I get that and don’t have much of an argument. I would just like a more granular choice even if the minimum was 20, then something more flexible after that.

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