Zulu Upgrade Breaks on Missing Dependencies

Logged in this morning to check on updates. Listed one for webrtc and one for Zulu. Webrtc ran fine. Zulu failed on missing dependencies of:
FreePBX version or higher is required, you have
Contact Manger module version or higher is required, you have

Neither of these updates show up checking for updates, which makes me guess they are not yet on the Stable track? (Is this something I should create an “issue” for?)

Zulu is now disabled “pending update”. Zulu isn’t critical to our operations, but we have been using it some to evaluate whether to deploy further.
Any suggestions on how to restore it to working (short of waiting for the prereqs to come to “stable”?

You have two ways forward, upgrade contact manager and framework to edge:

fwconsole ma upgrade framework contactmanager --edge

or downgrade zulu with

fwconsole ma downloadinstall zulu --tag xxxxx

Substitute the previous ver of zulu in place of the x’s, which should be available from fwconsole ma list

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Thank you. I went with option two, which appears to have worked for now, as long as we wait to make sure the dependencies are met before we do an “upgradeall”

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