ZTE Dongle error

Hello, I am trying to attach a ZTE Dongle on my free PBX but i get getting error.

sr1: CDROM (ioctl) error, command: Xp Write, Read disk info 51 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 02 00.

And lsup can detect the modem

Could anyone ever experienced this and help

You need to make sure that you change the mode of the dongle from mass storage to communication device, using the mode switch executable

Arielgrin, how can i enable voice on ZTE dongle, it seems this isnt auto

I think we discusses this same situation on your other post about usb dongle.

Yes but i just made a post where i run usb_modeswitch and get error, I have just read that there Dongles that are not Voice enabled from Factory, for example the earlier Dongle I would get normal call tone once its connected to the Computer but for this thats not the case. I made a seperate post about this dongle.

I hope you get my problem

Probably the voice part of the dongle has been locked by your provider. Did you buy the dongle from your cellphone provider? If so, it is very possible that the voice part is locked. There are programs to unlock it, but you will have to do some reading.

Yes I think Voice isnt enable on the dongle its MF190A am stuck on how to enable voice on it

This is what i get

localhost*CLI> dongle show device state dongle1
-------------- Status -------------
Device : dongle1
State : Free
Audio : /dev/ttyUSB5
Data : /dev/ttyUSB6
Voice : No
SMS : Yes
Manufacturer : ZTE CORPORATION
Model : MF190A
Firmware : BD_MF190TLF3V1.0.0B11
IMEI : 862591015567907
IMSI : 641010235046216
GSM Registration Status : Registered, home network
RSSI : 25, -63 dBm
Mode : No Service
Submode : No service
Provider Name : Airtel Uganda
Location area code : 7E4
Cell ID : 37D6

You need to unlock the voice part. Search google for your dongle model, try to find a voice enabled firmware for it, be sure to double check it is the appropriate firmware for your dongle model and version.

I may be wrong but chan_dongle works only on Huawei!

OK i have now got Huawei E160E which has voice but maybe its not enable because i get error its busy when i call on it.

I have run AT command to enable voice it should ok but still cant call from it using AT and also when i call i still get busy tone

I get error on CLI> WARNING[3651]: chan_dongle.c:224 opentty: unable to open /dev/ttyUSB7: Device or resource busy

I have checked my voice feature on the modem/dongle isnt disabled, how can i enable it from linux

Hello Arielgrin, request your help