ZoIPER IPhone app doesnt ring IPhone when called

I realize that this is the wrong forum and not a FreePBX problem but I figured the experts here would be most familiar with ZoIPEr app.

On my iphone, the zoiper app only rings when called IF the app is currently open when the call comes in. Otherwise it displays a banner saying missed call but no ring. I have the same problem with my MagicJack app.

Any ideas? Already tried tweaking the iphone app notification settings


Got it working. Inside the zoiper app --> settings --> incoming calls

Theres a setting, “force background” it says warning: will significantly reduce battery life, but when enabled, it works and rings the phone even when phone is locked.

Maybe try TCP it should save battery life.

Thanks for the suggestion dicko, makes sense, will look into that

I find this to be a problem on the mac too !