Zoiper Android App

Ok, so I downloaded the app, installed it and got it to work in about 3 minutes fantastic! Except when I place a call from the app there is no audio! When I receive calls they work fine, just cant make calls. Ive looked at the codecs and FPBX and Zoiper are set to use uLaw, aLaw, GSM, Speex. in that order. any ideas?


try iax2 in zoioer many carriers will screw with your sip calls, can’t think why though (smile)

Will try, Do I need to change anything in FPBX?

just make an iax2 extension instead

Ok, Made an iax2. It works. Horrible delay but works.

thatcis the nature of the mobile network. Also yor battery will be exhausted much quicker. A well managed tcp sip connection works better. But the carriers hate that it works, so do their best to disrupt voip.

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Yeah… I cant wait until Comcast starts filtering SIP traffic from other carriers…

the high court ruled against them doing that, they neglected to deny them messing with the resultant rtp traffic :wink:

Yeah but court rulings rarely stop corporations in the end… I predict that once Comcast rolls out SIP in my market ill start seeing huge lags on my trunks.