ZeroTier Bridging

Is anyone doing ethernet/wifi bridging with ZeroTier INSTEAD of doing VPN or port forwarding to their FreePBX instance? I would like to do it to enable a remote site’s ATA access to my FreePBX box…

I have never used the bridging. But I do use ZT on my iPhone and the PBX to get around issues with mobile IP changes and reregistering all the time.

Have you tried this yet? I’m hoping to do exactly the same thing soon. We use ZeroTier for other things too and it would be great to hear about other’s experiences when mixed with FreePBX.

I can’t really find a guide to what I’m trying to do and I don’t have either a) loads of networking experience at that ‘level’ of routing nor b) loads of time to throw at it. I have found that by Googling on “printer” bridge zerotier yielded some interestiing results, there being possibly more people around interested in doing that than SIP.

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