Zapateller truncation

FreePBX version -
Asterisk - 1.6

It appears there can be issues using the zapateller function.

I modified the file in the
/var/www/html/admin/modules/core directory. I added a “wait(2)” command so that there is a pause after the answer and prior to playing the SIT. Seems like this needs to be programmable via the FreePBX interface. I’ve seen other issues with this but apparently it hasn’t been addressed. I’m using an FXO interface for my inbound calls, so there may be a delay compared to a SIP or other digital type trunk.

$ext->add(‘app-blackhole’, ‘zapateller’, ‘’, new ext_noop(‘Blackhole Dest: Play SIT Tone’));
$ext->add(‘app-blackhole’, ‘zapateller’, ‘’, new ext_answer());

$ext->add(‘app-blackhole’, ‘zapateller’, ‘’, new ext_wait(2));

                    $ext->add('app-blackhole', 'zapateller', '', new ext_zapateller());