Zap trunk sharing

Current setup: 2 servers;

Server A:
-has inbound and outbound SIP trunks for incoming and outgoing calls and works perfectly
-has Diginum PRI T1 card and configured and working 24 chan zap trunk for inbound / outbound
-is peered correctly to server B using dundi
-allows inbound calls to be passed out dundi so server B can answer a call that came in over the PRI

Server B:
-has inbound and outbound SIP trunks for incoming and outgoing calls and works perfectly
-is peered correctly to server A using dundi and accepts matching call’s passed to it over dundi

New Objective:

Server A has outbound fail over as it primary uses the sip outbound trunk for outbound calls but will fail over to the PRI (Zap) if needed.

I would like to add a similar fail over to Sever B, meaning I would like to share the zap trunk in server A such that when an out bound call on server B is made and the sip trunk it has for outbound fails that the call will go out over dundi and out the PRI.

How do I share the zap outbound trunk?

Create a trunk between the two machines. On the server with the PRI card use the from-internal context.

Calls placed to that trunk will have full access to the internal dial plan and all the associated resources.

That worked great… now a little modification

The PRI server has an outbound sequence of trunks and if I want all calls coming in on the trunk between the 2 servers to use a different custom specified sequence I’m assuming I just change the context on the pri server of the sip trunk interconnecting them to some custom moniker and create that context in the extensions_custom.conf file?

You lost me, you want to use a different sequence of the PRI channels? Why?

I would just create two trunk groups and use a different outbound route prefix.