ZAP trunk, last digit disappears

I’m trying to dial through pstn using a digium aex800 card.
When i dial, the last entered digit disappears, so i have to enter it twice!
What have i done wrong, and where to look for clues?

DEBUG[6427] chan_zap.c: Dialing '11501933’
DEBUG[6427] chan_zap.c: Deferring dialing…
VERBOSE[6427] logger.c: – Called 8/11501933
DEBUG[6427] chan_zap.c: Sent deferred digit string: P1150193

Old thread but thought I would answer. This is normal to lose the last digit, the next lines would indicate that echotraining is taking place then the some status messages and finally the last digit would be sent.

Often, a problem would arise where Asterisk starts dialing the number before the PSTN can fully pick-up the line. And what actually gets missed is the first digit.

Asterisk reports the same message string as above and the line hangs-up or the call doesn’t go through. The solution is to put a “w” (pause) in front of the dial rule for the outbound route. So if it is originally “9|" then the new rule would be "w9|

This can be verified by monitoring the line to see what is actually being dialed by Asterisk.