ZAP DID's are no longer recognized by the inbound routs

Hello all. I have the latest version of FreePBX on a machine containing a Digium TDM410 with 4 FXO ports. This setup was working perfectly until last night that I had a power outage. This morning I found that the system no longer recognized the 4 channels on the Digium card. So I took care of that, now the inbound routs do not work. The system had retained all the old setup, so I did not have to change anything. Just FYI, in the past I had assigned a different DID to each ZAP channel and on the inbound routs based on the ZAP channel DID, I routed the calls to proper destinations. After the power outage issue when I call into he system, it responds to all 4 channels by some message saying the number dialed is no longer in service. If I take out the DID info from just one of the inbound routs to make it a catch all, that message no longer is played but all the other channels follow the same rout as the catch all channel. By doing this I have at least verified that all 4 FXO channels work, and my destinations work. But I have lost the flexibility and functionality of routing each channel separately.
This all was working properly before the power outage, I don’t understand what has gone wrong that the ZAP DID’s are not being recognized by the inbound routs. Any ideas?

It turned out that the system had overwritten my customized chan_dahdi.conf with the auto generated version. Since there were no new hardware introduced to the system, I don’t understand why this happened.
Anyway, I added the following magic line to my file, and now everything is working


Please NOTE that in the above line, the word incoming is misspelled. My system won’t work with the correct spelling :slight_smile: