ZAP Channel DID's for Outgoing Calls


Is it possible to use ZAP Channel DID feature for outbound calls?

I have One company Using Asterisk with Zaptel+FreePBX another on second floor using legacy PBX system I am planning to connect 2 extensions from legacy pbx to zaptel so ground floor can still stay in-touch with 1st floor after being replaced by Asterisk as it’s main PABX.

I have 4 Port Zaptel with to PSTN lines connected

the only problem is that when someone try to contact 1st floor it uses the PSTN line where i wan’t it to use Channel which has extension from old pbx channel 3 and 4.

your help will be appreciated.



Could you explain your setup a little better. I am not sure I understand how you have these two pbx’s arrange. Could you tell how you have upstairs connected to downstairs.

1st Asterisk PBX with 4 PORT zap analog.

Ground floor old legacy PABX Panasonic.

I wan’t to be able to dial to all extensions which are connected with panasonic.

i have two ports free on my zap card.