Zap channel configuration problem

Hello Every One
I am new to Free PBX .I am trying to configure my line through TDM card using Free-PBX. I also made change in Zapata file as “context=from-zaptel”. I am getting Problem with Free-PBX configuration as I did testing with normal setting without Free-PBX and it was perfectly working. May be i missed something in Free-PBX zap channel setting can any one help me to configure zap channel setting using Free-PBX.

Thanks in advance…

and what card?

The actual configuration of the zap device so that asterisk see’s it is done by editing the zaptel.conf and zapata*.conf files assuming a normal digium based card (sangoma for example has different files that need to be edited).

Once the card is configured and working properly with asterisk, FreePBX is used to configure the zap device into trunks and lines for use.

If you provide the card model and manufacture you might get somebody who knows the card to help with guidance but currently it’s a wild guess.

Hi everyone,
I also have the problem installing and configuring the Sangoma A200-BRMD card. I’m using the versions

This is what Asterisk Info page shows in the:

Zaptel Driver Info:

“Chan Extension Context Language MusicOnHold
pseudo from-zaptel en
Verbosity is at least 1”

I’m a novice in this new world of telephony, and what I think is that the card is not installed/configured correctly.
At the asterisk command prompt I run among many commands: rebuild_zaptel
genzaptel conf
and with “zttool” command it says unconfigured, with “dmseg” command
it doesn’t show anything about the card (Sangoma A200-BRMD)

in the “zapata-auto.conf” all I have is:
; Autogenerated by /usr/local/sbin/genzaptelconf – do not hand edit
; Zaptel Channels Configurations (zapata.conf)
; This is not intended to be a complete zapata.conf. Rather, it is intended
; to be #include-d by /etc/zapata.conf that will include the global settings

; Span 1: ZTDUMMY/1 “ZTDUMMY/1 1”

In the "zapata.conf "
All I have is :
; Zapata telephony interface
; Configuration file



rxwink=300 ; Atlas seems to use long (250ms) winks
; Whether or not to do distinctive ring detection on FXO lines



;Include genzaptelconf configs
#include zapata-auto.conf


;Include AMP configs
#include zapata_additional.conf

Any help on what is going on and how to resolve it will be highly appreciated, I’m a newbie but very eager to learn.

Many thanks to those participating in this forum, I’ve so far learnt a lot from you guys.

you are correct the card is not configured properly. You need to go to the sangoma website and read up on the procedure for installing the card. They also offer free support for their cards which would get your problem solved faster then waiting for answers on a forum.

Thanks every one
I am using TDM400p card provided by Digium and i successfully though with the configuration TDM400p with FreePBX.

Thanks for all your support …

Hi everyone,
First of all,
I’m happy to announce that the problem I had posted earlier with installing/configuring the Sangoma A200-BRMD card has been solved. I just had to install some Sangoma Trixbox modules and that was it, it worked . Many thanks to all of you.

However I have another one,
When calling from outside using the Zaptel Trunk I can reach the IVR but can’t dial the IVR options using the GSM cellular phone, but with CDMA cellular phone it works as ! I think that this has something to do with DTMF.

So,how I can get the GSM cellular phone working as it should with the IVR is still a mystery to me.
The other problem I’m having even with CDMA cellular phone is that instead of going straight to the IVR when I call, it first rings for a few seconds and then the IVR announcements are heard.

I’m running:
with a Sangoma A200-BRMD card.



Please do not hijack a thread about one thing and start another thread. You’ll not get the answers you seek as people will be looking at this thread to help on a Zap channel problem and not your current problem.

You should have also posted your previous question about your sangoma card as a seperate thread also.

Thanx fskrotzki for the advise, and my apologies for any inconveniences I may have caused.

As I had posted it earlier I managed to configure my sangoma card and it works fine, I can place calls from my extension thru Zap trunk to GSM and CDMA cellular phones, can also receive calls from them.

I don’t have PSTN line, what I use is the GSM gateway in which I put a GSM SIM card and then plug it into the FXO on my Sangoma card, and to test my system I use the cellphones GSM and CDMA

With CDMA cellphones calling in, you can hear the IVR announcements and dial the options which work fine. With GSM you get to IVR but IVR dial options are not captured, up to now my efforts to solve it have been fruitless.

Any assistance will be highly appreciated