ZAP 3 channels to configure

I ran genzaptelconf. ztdiag -vv shows the message “ZAP 3 channels to configure”. Every piece of documentation i have seen indicates i should be seeing “ZAP 3 channels CONFIGURED” (emphasis mine). What makes “to configure” become “configured”? does ztdiag look in asterisk conf files?

zttool shows the correct channels, and they respond correctly when i get an inbound call, or pick up an extension, so i’m guessing the hardware is configured properly and is being seen by zaptel.

What makes “to configure” become “configured”?

That’s normal - you can ignore it. (I got this from the PiaF Forum).
You can go to Testing Zaptel hardware page:
… to find out more info than you care to know…

These spelling and grammar things drive me nuts, too.