Yum update problem

(James Hartley) #1

Error: initscripts conflicts with sangoma-release-7-4.1712.01.el7.sangoma.x86_64

Hi all,

Getting the above on a yum update, any idea how to fix it?



(Jared Busch) #2

Not enough info. Wild guess?
You have a third party repository installed. Remove it.

(Tom Ray) #3

You remove the conflicting repos that where added to the PBX.

(Dave Burgess) #4

On really old systems, epel repos were included. You need to make sure those go away in particular.

(James Hartley) #5

Thanks for the replies, away from the system at the moment, but it is a PBXact system rather than freepbx, but as they are similar, thought I’d chance my arm here just in case it’s a known problem. I did compare the yum.repos.d directory to one of my other PBXact systems and it is the same as the others and they yum update properly. I initially thought I had another repo enabled too, but nothing has enabled=1 in it. I will have another look tomorrow, just in case there is a rogue entry I missed. Thanks James

(James Hartley) #6

Screenshot from 2 servers and the yum.repos.d directory, both exactly the same, but one has the conflict and the other works as normal.

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