Yum Update on FreePBX

I know there are other posts on this topic, however, it is not clear to me yet if running yum update / yum install to resolve issues showing on the dashboard it’s safe.

Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.


Version: FreePBX

Missing HTML5 format converters < I will need to install lame for mp3 etc…

Can I just do yum update and yum install lame?



I run Freepbx 13 on Raspbx…
An apt list --installed command show me that result among the others :
lame/oldstable,now 3.99.5+repack1-7+deb8u1 armhf [installé]

So maybe i did an apt-get install lame in the past !

If this can help…


FYI this is all installed on the Sangoma 7 FreePBX 14 distro by default (Patents expired on MP3)

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