Yum update failed to finish

This is an installation inside ESXi4.1 hypervisor.
The error came up after trying to apply the system updates through the web interface. The update process quit somewhere mid-way.
The phones are ringing, we are placing and receiving calls. However…
Now, when I go to system updates, there’s a message:
Last System Update: 1 sec. ago (YUM error).
If I click on “yum error” string, I see this pop-up:
“Yum update failed to finish. Please see ‘/dev/shm/yumwrapper/yum-update.log’
Undefined index: yum-update”

Not sure if the following will be relevant, but in the “System Overview” of the dashboard I see the message: “1 new module available -> The following new modules are available for download. Click delete icon on the right to remove this notice.
versionupgrade (”. If I click “resolve”, I get taken to the module update section where NO modules are shown needing any upgrades.

The /dev/shm/yumwrapper/yum-update.log shows a bunch of garbage text.

log into the machine and see if yum is still running.

No, does not look so.
ps -ef | grep yum
root 28703 15706 0 15:49 tty1 00:00:00 --color=auto yum

try running “yum update” from the CLI and see if that errors out.

Running it on the server gets me “no packages marked for update”. Not from Asterisk CLI, from inside the server instance itself.
And yes, the error stays.
I restarted apache as I thought there might have been a php update during the failed upgrade. Did not help.

remove everything out of the /dev/shm/yumwrapper/ folder. Either move it out of there or just delete everything.

I tried updating a new install on a VM. If I update the system via the web interface the updates part borks until i remove all contents from that folder. If i update the system via yum in the CLI it works fine.

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Serenity now! Thank you Dan

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