Yum update and distro updates

What is the difference between running a yum update from CLI and running distro updates from sysadmin on 10.13.66 machines?

Is running a yum update on distro machines even recommended?

A distro update will:

  • check for any non-standard repos and remove them
  • updates all PBX modules
  • updates all existing RPMs (yum update)
  • installs any new RPMs that are now required
  • possible misc changes that don’t fit into the above
  • logs all of the above

It is not discouraged, but should not be necessary. If there is a specific update available that you want to apply before an update script is issued, you can run a yum update. As long as you haven’t installed any 3rd party repos, the update is safe.

All of the above applies to 13 and earlier.


Excellent info, thanks.

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In FreePBX 14 when you are at the command line you often get something like “you have pending updates, run yum update”

And happens to be, i ran yum update earlier and this notification still appeared when i logged in after a reboot, i tried running it again it didn’t find any available packages.

There is a lag in the check for updates, so it’s often the case this information is stale. The next login should show it properly.

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