You have 14 broken modules

Regards, several days ago and then install freepbx upgrade to a more recent version, after that I could not install some modules the mistake is as follows:

The following modules are disabled because they are broken:
callback, callforward, callrecording, callwaiting, dahdiconfig, daynight, dictate, fax, javassh, languages, manager, pbdirectory, phonebook, setcid

You should go to the module admin page to fix these.
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Did you go to the module admin page to fix them?

If do not let me install any. Broken module says. I get the following error:

Error(s) installing dictate:

Cannot find module

Did you uninstall the broken modules first?

I can not, get the following error:
Failed to run un-installation scripts

Then I suggest you restore your latest working backup.

Once you get that they are actually removed, you have to do it 13 more times,

Thanks friend, achieves install almost everyone back, only the phonebook module has failed