Yet Another Superfecta question! :-)

Am I missing something here? Shouldn’t this call have been flagged and torpedoed by Superfecta/the module

Thanks all!

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P.S. For bonus points, does anyone have any thoughts on whether the Zulu Windows client should pickup caller ID from Superfecta? I’ve asked this question in the past but not had any replies yet so cheekily tagging it on here…

From the source:

			case "harassing":
				if($number_of_searches <= $run_param['Search_Number_Threshold'] || $number_of_comments <= $run_param['Comment_Number_Threshold']) {
					$this->DebugPrint("Number flagged as Harassing, but comment/search threshold not met");
                } else

The code says, if the number of searches is less than or equal to the set threshold, then it considers the threshold not met, which is contrary to expectation. Git blame says that was my code :frowning_face:

I will update that at some point when time permits. Until then just be aware that comments and searches must exceed the set thresholds not just equal them. Which could be a problem in cases where you have thresholds set to 0.

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