Yeastar TA400 with FreePBX v16

For a few years now I’ve had good outcomes using Cisco SPA112’s to connect some analog phones and fax machines to our FreePBX. Our larger site has a pair of SPA112’s but one of them is dropping off the network sporadically. No cabling issues, as the device appears to be locking up. Firmware updated and all of that good stuff.

So I’m looking to replace the pair of SPA112’s with a Yeastar TA400. I used these tips (How to use a Cisco SPA112 to connect your fax machine.) to optimize the SPA112’s and found it useful. Any nitty gritty configuration settings on the Yeastar TA product line I should be aware of? Looking at the vendor’s documentation it really doesn’t recommend specific setting changes to optimize things…

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