Yealink XML Browser option through EPM?

I have T46S (and T46G) phones where I want to use what Yealink calls the “XML Browser” option for a DSSkey. If I do this manually in the phone, it works great:

Type: XML Browser
Value: http://mysite.tld:85/mystuff.php
Label: Show My Stuff

My php file generates a list of parked calls so that I can easily do a “show parked calls” button. Again, works great manually.

I can’t figure out how to do this configuration through EPM. On the Phone, the options for Type are “XML Group” and “XML Browser” (which is what I want). [The T46S also has an option for “XML Park”.] Under EPM, the options are “XML Group” and “XML Directory”. I tried “XML Directory” but it does not get into the phone as the “XML Browser” option.

Is this supported in some way that I’m not seeing?

I guess, if I had to, I could manually set them with a Basefile Edit, but I’d rather just have it work natively through the interface if possible.

Thank you!

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