Yealink warm transfer

We can’t seem to warm transfer with the T48G yealink phones.

Incoming call is answered, we press transfer, press the extension of the person (wait), talk to the person at the extension but the call is still on hold and the caller can’t hear us. Is there a way to have it setup so that the caller can hear us?

My experience with call transfer works like this:

Attended Transfer: Hit XFer, dial the extension, talk to the recipient, hit XFer, say “here you go”, hang up.
Unattended Transfer: Hit XFer, dial the extension, hit XFer.

If sound like you want
Involved Transfer: Hit XFer, dial the extension, hit XFer, say “Here you go” and don’t hang up.

Some technologies also support “Three-way calling” which actually sounds like what you are trying to set up.

The problem with your Attended Transfer is… when I hit transfer the second time it transfers the call and doesn’t let me talk to both parties to say something like “Alright Jane, here is John” and then hang up.

Hit XFer, dial the extension, talk to the recipient, hit XFer, say “here you go”, hang up.

OK. Just so we’re clear - what you want is not called “call transfer”. You want a conference bridge. Transfer transfers calls - that isn’t what say you want to do.

In Chan-SCCP-B, there is a way to do local conference bridging without any additional work, but I’m not sure there’s a SIP mechanism out-of-the-box that will do what you need. It’s a carry-over from the Skinny protocol, which is part of why it isn’t included as a button push for many SIP phones.

I Googled “asterisk three way calling” and got some good dial-plans that will do what you are looking for. I don’t know if any of them are implemented in FreePBX. Perhaps @tm1000 or @jfinstrom can chime in with better information. I’m pretty sure it is going to end up being related to some kind of “Flash/Resume” sequence that needs a dial-plan behind it do make it work.

There is certainly a way to make this happen, I just don’t have a lot of details to give you. When you do find a solution, please post it so we can refer to it in the future.

There are two types of transfer





See which one works better for you

Thanks Andrew. These types of transfers both transfer the call, disconnecting the “intermediate” extension from the call.

The OP is looking for a sequence that allows him to connect a third person to a call in progress and stay on the line. It isn’t really a transfer, per se, it’s more of a three-way calling option. I’m away from my servers right now, so I can’t provide any more information than “it should be possible”.

No they do not. They do something very different.

##<num># is Blind Transfer
*2<num> is an Attended Transfer

He specifically stated what he wants (stop hitting the transfer keys on the phone and use the feature code I’ve stated)


Is as close as he’s going to get.

  • Caller calls in.
  • Extension 1000 picks up.
  • Extension 1000 hits *21004.
  • Caller is placed on hold.
  • Extension 1000 and 1004 can now converse.
  • Extension 1000 hangs up.
  • Now Extension 1004 and Caller are connected.

I just checked this. It’s how it works.

Unfortunately transfers are controlled in the core of Asterisk. You won’t be able to talk to both parties at the same time and there isn’t much freepbx can do about this.

I think the way to do what tou want on a yealink without fancy settings changed is a “conference” on the Yealink phone.
In the T48G under features>transfer>transfer conference on hang up (or something like that)

It’s disabled by default but the operation will look like this.
Talk to person A
Press conference, A is on hold
Dial B, talk to B
Press conference, you, A and B are all talking
Hang up, A and B are talking

This will do the trick! Thanks =)