Yealink W60B register fail

We are adding Yealink wireless W60B/W56H DECT phones to our deployment and I’m coming across an issue that I’ve never encountered. Given that I’ve read through almost all the related forums and there are many of you that rave about these phones…I need help. I cannot get the accounts to register. I set the SIP server as the freePBX host on port 5160 and all it throws back is “Register Fail”.

For anyone out there that has set these up before, do you have any tips or hints for setting these up?

What’s the Freepbx and asterisk version?

Are you using endpoint manager to configure these, your own cfgs, or the webUI of the phone?

The extension is PJSIP and PJSIP is listening on 5160?

You have sip_server_port = 5160? Or are you configuring .sip_server_host = PBXIP:5160? (or fqdn of PBX:5160)?

Currently running FreePBX
I am configuring these by WebUI of the base unit.
The extension type is plain SIP vs JPSIP listening on port 5160. Is that the issue?
The current configuration is [IP]:5160 but I have other phones running from a CNAME.

UPDATE:If I reboot the pbx server, I can get it to register a couple of the extensions, make one or two test calls and then all the registrations start failing again.

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