Yealink W52P Resetting Password

I have tried resetting the password to the default “admin/admin” on the Yealink W52P. I have logged in after doing this and deleted the previous account and auto configuration details.
Even after doing this, it automatically re-configures back to the old details and changes the password back to the original one.
Have updated the firmware, done soft reset hard reset but to no avail because it keeps re-configuring itself.

Yealink has RPS service which means that after you factory reset a device the firmware tells it to automatically look at RPS for a config file. If anyone has registered that MAC address into their RPS account this is what will happen.

Otherwise there is DHCP option 66 on your network.

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Thank you very much for the explanation. I raised a ticket with Yealink requesting removal of all the MACs from their RPS server and they have been good enough to do that in just 1 hour. All is perfect now, thanks again :grinning:

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