Yealink unable to use OpenVPN and 3way calling


I’m not sure what to provide, but I’d like to ask if anyone else had issues after enabling OpenVPN.

I get the dreaded 30sec disconnect. I realize this is most likely a firewall issue, but why only during 3way calling? The symptom is the same at all remote locations regardless of router, ISP, etc.

I’m running FreePBX distro public-facing (no nat) at VPS provider and Responsive Firewall.
The clients are all remote with various Yealink endpoints with OpenVPN configured
using System Admin Pro.

We can initiate 3way call and hear two way voice, yet we still get the 30 disconnects.
It doesn’t matter if the three endpoints are FreePBX extensions or include external PSTN.

I’m forced to use a conference bridge at the moment, but it’s a very clunky workaround.

I’m not sure how to provide a clean console output with logging enabled. Is there a way
to limit the output to the endpoints involved or do I need to do it after hours and ask
users to unplug their phones?

Any troubleshooting tips are greatly appreciated and/or any suggestions from anyone that may have encountered this phenomenon.

Thanks in advance.

EDIT: FWIW, the call that always drops is the first connected party.

Pardon the bump, but I’m hoping someone may have seen this issue or can help with suggestions on how to diagnose.

Is your VPN in the local networks section of the advanced SIP settings?

When you are coming in over VPN, is the phone registering to the OpenVPN IP?

Yes the VPN subnet is listed in the local networks of general settings.


pjsip show aors

I see all VPN endpoints registered via their VPN address and the endpoints
register to the OpenVPN IP.

It seems this is no longer an issue. Perhaps a recent reboot and/or updates
fixed the issue. I can see why nobody else had the issue… there is no issue!


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