Yealink T58 Internal Calls Problem


I have two Yealink T58 phones that have started to have an issue. They are working fine with everything except when they dial an internal extension. The receiving phone rings, user picks up and then the call is immediately disconnected.

The Yealink T58 can dial externally and calls works just fine, no disconnect. They can also receive a call internally from the same phones that disconnect just fine. If they dial out to our main number and then enter the extension it also works.

I have tried a factory reset with no success. My skills are limited and I am stuck as to why this is happening.

Here is the example.

Yealink T58 dials internal extension 211
211 rings, 211 picks up and immediately is disconnected.

I am happy to provide logs etc., I just don’t know how to do so or where to go in freepbx to get them?

Thank you

Is direct media turned on. On the extension. If so try shutting it off.

Check your codec agreement between start and finish when the SDP connection is negotiated.

(sngrep is your friend)

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It was tuned on, but turning it off did not resolve the issue.

Resolved. Fixed the issue. It was caused by an ALG setting on our router. We disabled ALG and everything is fine now.

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