Yealink T52 or T54 to EPM?

Any idea with the Yealink T52 or T54 models will be available on EPM? Thanks

Yealink has not come to us on adding those at this time. You would need to put pressure on them to get them in their certification with us.

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Will do. I’m on an email chain with a few Yealink reps including the North American Channel Manager so I’ll mention this.

What do you think of the T52 & T54 phones?

I am currently deploying T48S and T46S phones but was looking at switching over to the T5# phones for the screen position.

Hi Tony, Based on some new information from yealink they claim that they are moving forward with certification for their T5X series. I wanted to double check with you to see if this is true and a possible time frame if true. Thanks!

I tried to provisioning a T56A Android Phone today.

It worked!!!

I succuessfully provisioned the phone by selecting T48S in Endpoint Manager as phone.

I tried TLS / SRTP / BLF / Speeddial features. But i cannot test the Phone apps because i do not have it Licensed on my Test PBX. But the phone should support the needed xml features.

Any progress on the T52s? T54 made it but it doesn’t look like t52s… I just purchased 30 of them and hoping they work with another model’s template for my sanity