Yealink T48G - Drops held calls after 5 minutes

Configured through Endpoint Manager - I have been looking through the base files and through the Web settings on the phone and I can’t see anything about it - Digium phone configured for the same extension will hold the call forever - I am thinking it has to be a setting somewhere on the phone, but darned if I can find it.

Anybody else see this one? I looked on the Yealink forums and there is one person there complaining about the same thing with a T46G.

I bet the Digium phone handles hold differently. Go into SIP Settings module in FreePBX and crank up the rtpholdtimeout to be more then the default 5 mins

Yup - that was it! Thanks - it’s weird that the Digium phone ignores it, but the Yealink obeys it perfectly.

No actually its Digium phones are being smart. Its not a phone ignoring something it asterisk saying OMG that call been on hold for x seconds and needs to be killed thinking its a orphaned channel. The Digium phone somehow tricks Asterisk which is bad because that means a phone could be put on hold forever and channel left open in asterisk. Very dangerous.

Hmmm…yeah, I get that we want Asterisk in charge at all times…

But I don’t know about your customers, but mine think that any operation that is not what they expect is a malfunction - and they think it’s perfectly reasonable to put someone on hold for 30+ minutes - really!

Thanks for the clarification - +1 for Yealink for obeying, -1 for Digium for not behaving.