Yealink T46S-SFB Wont Register with FreePBX

I am currently using FreePBX with a mix of Sangoma S705 and Digium D65 phones via Commercial paid version of Endpoint Manager… Running FreePBX

I have a client i wanted to use 20 Yealink T46S so I grabbed a lightly used in good working order Yealink T46S to do some testing with on my FreePBX box at our shop.

I realized once this T46S showed up its the Yealink T46S-SFB (Skype for Business)… not sure if that matters as I didnt realize there are 2 versions…I factory defaulted the phone upon receiving it.

I did my normal setup when adding an extension/phone… First created the Yealink template and configured it with the provisioning pointing to my FreePBX IP and selected TFTP in Endpoint Manager.

I setup the Extension in Application>Extensions as a Chan_PJSIP extension. In the Other tab I selected the Brand (Yealink) and Model (SIP-T46S), selected my Yealink template and put the MAC address in and selected Account 1.

When I plug the phone in (phone is plugged into the same LAN locally as my FreePBX server) it says obtaining IP. It grabs a IP (confirmed because I can webgui into the phone) but then boots up to the main screen and does nothing. I logged into the phones WEBGUI and went to Settings>Auto Provision and put in TFTP:// which is the Static local IP of my FreePBX (phone is getting from DHCP). I then restart the phone and it again boots up, says obtaining IP, then finally says Registration Failed.

I tried changing to HTTP, HTTPS, TFTP provisioning but I cannot get it to provision at all. Not sure whats going on. If its because this is a T46S-SFB and not a regular T46S? I updated to the latest T46S-SFB firmware ( which are different than the T46S firmwares…

Any suggestions or help on this one?

I have no experience with Yealink SFB phones, but I understand the stock firmware will not work with SIP. You need to see if you can change the firmware, which I expect is not supported but may be hackable.

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Exactly my thinking…from all the people I know using T46s or T48s with Commercial paid EPM in FreePBX auto provisioning should be simple and easy like my other phones…I was afraid this SFB was the cause. I did try flashing the latest T46S firmware to this T46S-SFB and it fails, it wont update. It did allow me to successfully update the firmware with the latest T46S-SFB firmware… I agree it would need to be hacked to install the regular T46S firmware

I just ordered a T46S from my distributor… Not even gonna waste anymore time with this thing. Hopefully that was all it is.

Well I actually decided to do a little more digging and found some directions on how to convert Yealink SFB to SIP… You need to open a support ticket with Yealink and give them the MAC of your phone. They will supposedly send you a new license file to upload to the phone to convert it to SIP.

Doing that now… We shall see…Ill update this thread once I hear back from Yealink

Heard back from Yealink support. They gave me a license file to upload to the phone then flash latest regular T46S firmware.

After firmware update and reboot the phone auto provisioned no problem and is working great.

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