Yealink T46s provisioning loop on firmware


I was messing around in Endpoint Manager and I uprgraded my T46s template to firmware After that, the phone would just be stuck with a rapid flashing red led and it wouldn’t configure itself. I’ve tried a factory reset and same issue.

I reverted back to the previous firmware in Endpoint Manager and I installed it manually on my phone (since it couldn’t provision itself). After that, everything was fine.

Anyone else has seen this issue ? I didn’t try any other phone models.

(Jake) #2

Yealink has a release notes for V86 found here:

Looks like you are doing it correctly. I mostly have T5X models and everything has went well.


Yeah I already checked the release notes and I didn’t find anything. I will test on one of our T54w to see if it works.

(Jared Busch) #4

I have no issues with a T46S on that firmware. That site does not use EPM, but it does still use authenticated http provisioning.
This is the main operator’s phone.

Small site, so I maintain the phone configs manually with a private git repo.
Looks like I have been using that firmware version for 3 months now.


All right thanks for the information
I’ll do more testing

(christrati) #6

I tested with a few phones today, and they upgraded without issues. I’m needing to test my T46S with EXP40s, as I know I had issues with the BLF keys not working correctly when moving to the 66.84 version. They released a specific version that fixed the issue, and that is what I have been running for a while.

I’ll post if any of them have issues. So far, I’ve upgraded about 3 T41S phones and a couple of T46S and no issues. They just upgraded from 66.84 to 66.86.


(Jared Busch) #7

84 to 86 should be fine according to the release notes. It is 86.0.5 that was unable to upgrade to 86.0.26 (or whatever) directly. It had to go through an intermediate upgrade.

That version was never in EPM, so I do it expect a problem.

I did download the 86.0.33 that EPM has from a system with it, and have been using it on my T54W without issue.

But the 86.0.26 upgrade did say you could not downgrade past it ever again. I haven’t tested that either.

(christrati) #8

If it matters, I just used the firmware that Sangoma is providing via endpoint manager for the 66.86 (version My previous one was from Yealink, and checking Yealinks website, I show as the latest on their website at this time.
Yealink Support

What is funny is when we had issues with the BLF keys not working on 66.84 firmware, it sounded like they have 3 different tiers of firmware that was running. I figured it was all cumulative, but the Yealink support tech I talked to told me they have different versions.

Either case, I’m happy to report that the test phones I’ve put it on are not having any issues. The BLF keys are working, even on the EXP40. Hopefully, this will also help with some of our bluetooth interference issues that we’ve had on occasion.