Yealink T46S multiple lines on hold - one screen too small

Is there any way to make fit all calls on hold on the same screen? Now I have to upper down buttons and scroll down in order to see who is on hold - kind not convenient.

Maybe minimize size of these fonts or some auto option so they fit into one screen.

Placing calls on hold

Press the Hold softkey during a call to place a call on hold. Press the Resume softkey to resume the call.

If there are multiple calls on hold, use the up and down navigation buttons to select the desired call and then press the Resume softkey.

the problem is having several calls on hold and you see only one on the screen, up or down button needs to be used, is there a way to see all of them on one single screen?

In t48S they are in lines one under another and this is great, I wonder if something like that can happens on T64S orG

I have found this as correct answer:

linekey.1.value = 0
linekey.1.line = 1
linekey.1.type = 15
linekey.1.value = 0
linekey.2.line = 1
linekey.2.type = 15
linekey.2.value = 0
linekey.3.line = 1
linekey.3.type = 15
linekey.3.value = 0

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