Yealink T46G Presence

When pressing the Presence button on a T46G, the exit button does not work. It beeps and goes right back to the presence screen. The only way to break out of the screen is by lifting and setting down the handset. Is there a way to fix this?

That is correct. Yealink has a bug that destroy on exit does not work. We have reported this to them over 6 months ago and they have yet to resolve it. Please go complain to them to put more pressure on them.

I contacted Yealink support. They gave me a new firmware file to try, Unfortunately, the bug remained. I hope they do resolve this soon. We love the apps, but they are border line unusable on a T46G. Users get stuck in them. On some apps, lifiting the headset doesn’t even exit, like the conference room app, you have to be inside the room, lift the headset, and hope it exits out when you set it down.

I feel your pain. It sucks but they have done nothing yet with our bug reports

Yealink has been very helpful trying to resolve this issue. The newest thing they said is the newest xml templates they have work and that a lot of effort has been put into resolving xml issues. The newest development material should hold the answer to getting the apps to exit correctly. Please try to reach out to Yealink again. I’ve paid for the apps, I’d like them to work on the phones listed as supported, correctly.

As stated their destroy on exit does not work. We call it how they told us and we reported to them 3 weeks ago it was not working and they still have no replied back. Their responsiveness on engineering level support is horrible. You will need to keep putting the pressure on them to fix their bug.

This has been disclosed in our known limitations for page of the wiki for this app since the app was released for sale.

I understand your pain and frustrations on this. You can see other developers building apps for Yealink have the same issues.

“I could not get Yealink’s browser menus to cleanly exit. You basically have to hit exit through each screen you went through. This appears to be by their design (WHY?).”

From Yealink after some back and forth:

“About the behavior the Exit key, I have checked with our engineer. Yes, now the exit key can only take you back to last page, we already have the plan to re-disign the mechism by adding a new parameter. And the fix has already started. I don’t have a certain date now, but I think the date can be confirm soon, I will update the date once I receive it.”