Yealink T46G park key

I have a DSS button set to transfer to 70, and I have the phone set to do a semi-attended transfer. You press the button and the slot is announced, but the caller is not actually parked until the phone is hung up.

This poses a growing problem. The user would answer the call, park it, hear the announcement, then immediately press the page button to announce that so and so is on park 71. They never hang up before they hit the page button. This causes the call that they thought was parked, TO BE TRANSFERRED TO THE PAGE SPEAKER! Then the caller sits on the pager speaker until they hang up and call back…

Anyone know the proper way to go about fixing this? It has been an issue for almost a year and I have yet to find a solution.

What version of FreePBX are you running? Are you on the Distro or something else?
I have been using Yealink phones with FreePBX for a couple of years now and ahve never had this problem.
I set the phone park button to Call Park and 70 The give label of Park Call and Line 1

Hopefully that helps. The only thing i find is that it doesn’t seem to announce the park position.
Not sure why.

FreePBX 12 Distro

Yeah, that is where the problem lies. You do not have attended transfer on, so you will not encounter this issue, but you also won’t get the announcement. I want the auto transfer AND announcement.

We use the FreePBX Restful Phone Apps Parking Lot. If I turned off the attended transfer, pressing the park key, going into the parking lot, seeing where it was parked, then paging the person the parking lot number is far too tedious compared to just hearing the announcement.