Yealink T46G and EPM

I’m having a new issue with my T46G and EPM.
Today I factory defaulted my phone and expected the EPM to provide the config on reboot (via option 66) as it has done many times in the past.
However, after many reboot attempts, the phone doesn’t load the config. I’ve tested this over the past hour or two and tried many things, but the phone never provisions. In the past, it provisioned just fine.

I’ve confirmed that the firewall isn’t blocking me and that tftp IS working. When I watch the tftp server, I can see it communicating with the phone (tcpdump port 69 -v) and it seems to be pulling the config. When I cat the config, it looks right too. In fact, everything looks perfect, but the phone won’t provision.

If I enter the credentials for an account in manually, it DOES work, but that’s just one account. I have a fair amount of customization on the EPM config and would much prefer to use that.

Does anyone have any suggestions?