Yealink T42g won't activate VPN

Hello everyone!! Have a really strange issue going on. I have six end users that work remote some days and have T42g phones with VPN configs uploaded. Two weeks ago, three of the phones suddenly stopped reporting to the Firewall (We use PFSense for our Firewall and OpenVPN for our VPN). The temporary bandage is to re-upload the VPN config file to the phone, reboot the phone and then it finally re-registers and the phone is working again. If for some reason the phone is rebooted or loses power, when it power cycles and boots back up the VPN config isn’t applied and the phone goes back to not working. Has anyone ran into anything like this before? I have completely wiped one of the phones and started from scratch but the issue persists.

Hi @jkalber
I think some settings change on your FreePBX. My suggestion pls start from begin and check all Phone VPN settings.

For test if you see your XXX Test Phone OpenVPN certificate on UCP Panel then you can download and setup on your spare laptop and your laptop will connect on same network ( for test purpose )

Good luck.


In the Yealink provisioning files, do you have set network.vpn_enable = 1?
That ensures vpn is started on boot.

Admin -> System Admin -> Phone VPN -> this is currently not enabled

Connectivity -> Firewall -> Services -> Extra Service -> OpenVPN -> Internet, Local and Other are enabled

Admin -> User Management -> User or Group -> VPN -> Auto Create & Link -> Set to Inherit

The above are my current settings.

I’ve noticed that this issue only seems to happen if I’m registering the phone and uploading the VPN config while it’s on the work network. The issue seems to happen once the VPN config file is applied, the phone display will read “no service” however if I log into our firewall I am able to see the phone reporting. Once the end user takes the phone home and hooks it up, not only does the phone still say “no service” but the VPN config file is also not enabled.

I took one of these phones home with me yesterday and wiped the phone, registered it and uploaded the VPN config. The phone has been working perfectly fine now for 18hrs +. I’m wondering if maybe trying to do this at work and applying the VPN config presented some type of conflict.

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