Yealink T41S - Parking calls (70) to lots (72, 73, and higher) - line key setup problem

Asterisk: 18.6.0

I have Yealink T41S phones (and others that have the same problem).

One line key is setup as the generic park button with Type: “Call Park” and Value 70.

Have several other line keys setup as Type: “Call Park” and Values 71, 72, 73, and so on.

The Call Park/70 button works when all of the parking lots are empty, directing the call to 71, announcing “71,” and changing illumination from green to red.

Once at least one call is parked, the button does not work with the screen text saying “Transfer failed.”

If I setup the button instead as a Type: “Transfer” to 70, it does work when other calls are parked, however it does not announce the parking lot number to which it is transferred or illuminate red (indicating at least one parking lot is in use).

Any ideas? Probably something simple I am overlooking.

Desired behavior is a generic park button (e.g., 70) that shows green when all parks are empty / red when at least one is in use, and directs calls to the next available parking lot even when a parking lot is in use, and announces the parking lot the calls is moved to when pressed. Could live without the green / red illumination if had to.

Appreciate your feedback.

Would appreciate any help anyone might provide.

I would like the announcment when pressing the “next available” button for parking lot 70. Some do not.

After much more research, this seems to be a firmware problem with Yealink phones and the “Call Park” DSS key.

The work around is change the key type to DTMF and value ##70#

It is not ideal, but works.

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