Yealink T28P display incoming DID attached to extension as the line label

We are currently using FreePBX 2.10 and the non commercial Endpoint Template Manager. Under the [Account] settings there is a setting for displayname. This is what determines the Line label. Here is what our mac specific template is currently set to:
[ account ]
path= /config/voip/sipAccount{$line_m1}.cfg
Enable = {$line_active}
Label = {$displayname} ({$username})
DisplayName = {$displayname}

Our extensions have our office users first and last name as the displayname variable. For example Jeff Tucker equals extension display name. The $displayname variable is thus replaced with Jeff Tucker. Lets say Jeff Tuckers inbound DID is 4142759824, I want the line label to display 4142759824 instead of Jeff Tucker. The DID is tied directly to the extension and the extension is tied to the T28P template.

Any help would be appreciated.