Yealink t28p and follow me

PBX Firmware: 1.1010.210.62-3
PBX Service Pack:

I am looking to setup follow me, assuming that is the correct feature.

I am using my google voice number as a trunk for in/out calling.

Prior to running freepbx if someone called my google voice number it would ring my cell phone line and i could answer it.

I lose that functionality when running freepbx. Since my google voice line is now ringing on an actual phone at my house, I would like to be able to do one of the following:

-ring both the IP phone and my cell phone at the same time and allow me which device to answer on

-ring the IP phone for 4 rings or 20 seconds and forward to my cell phone.

I tried setting up follow me under the IP phone extension 1000, but it doesnt work. I know something is happening, prior to changing that setting the IP phone would ring until I hung up the call. After I attempted to configure the follow me feature the IP phone stops ringing after 4 rings, but it doesn’t dial out to my cell phone.

Is this because of my single google voice trunk? Does it need to leave on another line (which I don’t have)?

Thank You.

A follow me requires 2 trunks…one inbound and one outbound.


Ok, that makes sense, thanks.

Is it possible to setup voicemail on the IP phone and have it send me an email if a message is left?

Is there anything else I can do with 1 trunk that will notify me if someone calls me on my google voice line?

This might be as great of a setup as I thought if I am missing calls when not at home.


Voicemail has been setup and is working as expected.

Is there anyway to setup e-mail notification to be sent out when a message has been left?


Looa at th VM setup section. You’ll see a place to put your email address.


I see email body, email date format, email subject

I don’t see where you enter the email address, how to authenticate, etc…

I am under Voicemail Administration System Settings.


email address goes in the extension settings.

It is up to you to configure the mail exchanger for your environment. The distro includes Postfix and the setup instructions are in the wiki.